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2550 Flynt Ave, Midland TX 79701

Downland Fellowship and Visonary Knight Order Form

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     Club Gifts to TLERC

foucsFocus Club – Almost from our inception, Lions Clubs have been challenged to fight blindness. A “Focus Club” is one focused on providing the gift of vision to those in need, by supporting TLERC with at least a $3 per member gift.



    Individual Gifts to TLERCindividual

Visionary Knights of the Blind – All Lions have been challenged by Helen Keller to be “Knights of the Blind”. A “Visionary” recognizes that this fight is never ending. Thus, Visionary Knights of the Blind provide perpetual help by gifting at least $100/year. This can be done by personal check or bank draft (minimum $10/month).



The PDG O. Ike Fitzgerald Gold Vision Fellowship – A $1,000 or greater gift recognizing PDG Ike’s passion and determination for almost 2fellow0 years in taking TLERC from vision to reality.

The Lion George Miles Silver Vision Fellowship – A $500 gift recognizing the hard work of Lion George Miles in setting up and running the TLERC recycling warehouse.

The Doctor Norman S. Gould Bronze Vision Fellowship – A $250 gift recognizing Lion Gould’s tireless effort and dedication for almost 20 years in developing the optometric programs of TLERC.



    Platinum Knights

TLERC relies on special gifts from Trusts, Foundations, Corporations and philantrophic individualsto fund training missions to set up new recycling centers and vision centers abroad; and to obtain the equipment needed for adult and children screening programs.

Platinum Knights are those special donors providing gifts or grants of $10,000 or greater. Special recognition will be displayed in TLERC's offices and can also be provided to donor for personal or corporate display, based on their personal desire.

    How to Become a Focus Club or Give an Individual Gift

Multiple District 2 (MD2) Lions Clubs can become Focus Clubs by increasing their 100% Contribution to TLERC from $2.00/member to $3.00. Simply indicate on the check the number of members in your Club, so we will know you are giving at the higher level. A Focus Club patch will be sent to your Club for it's banner.

The form for individual gifts can be obtained from the Texas Lions web site (, from your TLERC District Director, or by calling the TLERC office (432-683-3611). A special medallion is currently being developed for the Visionary Knights of the Blind program and those joining the program before July 1, 2011 will be recognized as "Charter Members". Fellowships will be recognized with a plaque in the name of the designated fellow.

Platinum Knight gifts or donations can be made by contacting our Chief Operating Officer. As stated above, special recognition can be arranged at that time

Contributions can be mailed to:

2550 Flynt Ave
Midland, Texas 79701


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