Texas Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center

Offices, Recycling Operations, Optical Lab, Warehouse and Classrooms
2550 Flynt Ave, Midland TX 79701
Phone: 432-683-3611
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2550 Flynt Ave, Midland TX 79701

The Texas Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (TLERC) provides used eyeglasses to Lions and other group missions providing vision screening and assistance in developing countries. Recycled glasses are supplied only under the guidelines of Lions International Eyeglass Recycling Center policy and procedures. We only ship domestically.

Individuals or groups going into an undeveloped area of the world may request used eyeglasses from TLERC under the following conditions:

The mission must use refractive evaluation methods to determine prescriptiosabinasn requirements and to fit recycled glasses.

Recycled eyeglasses may not be sold or bartered in any manner.

Recycled eyeglasses must be distributed in an unprejudiced manner to anyone in the area being served.

Mission groups are responsible for all shipping expenses and are responsible for governmental requirements of the area being served.

Written reports must be made to the TLERC within two weeks following any mission to report the number of persons evaluated and served with recycled glasses and the status of any provided glasses not distributed.

Requests for recycled glasses must be made in writing using the TLERC order form for specific requirements from our diopter inventory at least 45 days in advance of need. A full diopter system or equivalent is available to permanent missions only.

Glasses are provided on an as-available basis and may not be available in specific groups from time to time. Shipments will include glasses available at the time of shipping.

New reading glasses are also normally available at a reasonable cost.

Training options are also available at TLERC for those volunteers that will be going on missions to fit recycled eyeglasses. There are training sessions on the third Thursday and Saturday of each month at the center in Midland, Texas. There is no charge for this training and participants are only responsible for their personal transportation, lodging and meals while in Midland. This training will give participants knowledge in general vision anatomy and physiology, various methods of refractive testing, proper methods of recycled eyeglass selection and fitting and hands-on practice in providing recycled eyeglasses. Anyone participating in this training will be able to effectively participate in a recycled eyeglass screening, and would also be better capable of assisting others in the mission team.

For information on how to order eyeglasses please email TLERC at

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